Norco store owner who went viral for shooting at would-be robbers has died

Craig Cope, the Norco store owner who went viral after surveillance video showed him shooting at a group of would-be robbers over the summer, has died the family confirmed to FOX 11's Gina Silva Tuesday. 

Cope, 80, was a well-respected member of the Norco community. He owned Norco Market & Liquor.

Early in the morning of July 31, Cope was working at the store when a group of would-be robbers approached in a black SUV, armed and ready to rob the place. Cope told FOX 11 back then that he noticed the men were armed, and as one of the men pointed a gun at him, Cope pulled out a shotgun from underneath the counter and opened fire.


Surveillance video then shows the suspect fleeing the store, running to the SUV shouting. "He shot my arm off." All four suspects were later arrested.

Three months later, Cope suffered a stroke. Marnie Tapia, a manager at Norco Market, told FOX 11 at the time that Cope wasn't able to talk or move after suffering the stroke. 

After the news, the community came together to hold prayer vigils and send cards to the Cope family.

The circumstances of Cope's death were not immediately clear.