'No-makeup' look will cost you

The so-called bare face was on the runway at the spring 2015 fashion show for designer Marc Jacobs. And celebrities are sporting the fresh face. Actress Dakota Johnson is on the February cover of Vogue looking like she is not wearing any makeup. Julia Roberts is wearing little makeup in a Givenchy ad.

Taymour Hallal, the senior makeup artist at Paul Labrecque Salon and Spa on the Upper East Side, says the no-makeup look does require some makeup, but it's much lighter.

He says instead of using a heavy foundation use a tinted moisturizer and instead of three or four eye shadows use a bronzer as a shadow.

At least for now, gone is the Kim Kardashian/heavy makeup overdone look. In 2015, it is all about looking natural. The other must-haves for the look are mascara, light-colored lipstick and gloss, and an eyebrow pencil that is lighter than the color of your brow.

And by the way, the minimal makeup look isn't minimally priced. It could cost you upwards of $200.