No heat, hot water top issues facing NYCHA tenants

NYCHA tenants spoke face to face with various housing authority officials about having to live without heat or hot water, among other concerns at a town hall in the East Village on Wednesday. 

The meeting, organized by state lawmakers, let tenants express their frustrations over the myriad of issues facing tenants.

 “I go to people’s apartments, I see the conditions, I understand them and yes, change has to come to NYCHA and it’s not going to happen today but it is going to happen with a concerted effort,” said Brian Honan, Vice President of Intergovernmental Affairs for NYCHA.

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Many of the residents at Wednesday’s town hall say that they have expressed their frustrations time and time again, only to see promises consistently go unfulfilled.

Lawmakers who organized the town hall say that the goal was for them to hear directly from residents so they can prioritize the issues they want to take back to Albany when session begins in January.