Nik Wallenda "freaked" during Times Square high-wire cross

Nik Wallenda says he "freaked" out for a second when his balancing pole slipped during a high-wire walk with his sister above Times Square.

Nik and Lijana Wallenda spoke Monday on ABC's "Good Morning America." Nik Wallenda said the scare occurred as his sister knelt so he could step over her while they crossed paths 25 stories above the pavement.

The cable was smaller than a quarter.

Lijana Wallenda joined him Sunday night for the first time since having a near-fatal fall in 2017. She concedes that she initially felt "a little shaky in the legs." But she quickly achieved a "peaceful" feeling on the wire.

The Wallendas hope to inspire others to conquer their own fears.

"The distractions of Times Square is like nothing I've ever faced," said Wallenda.

Now, Wallenda says he's got his eye on an "active volcano."