Next First Lady Melania Trump in the spotlight

Melania Trump has been breaking tradition and expectations of a first lady long before inauguration eve. She said she is not interested in policy and politics. She is the first First Lady in 200 years to not move into the White House on Inauguration Day.

When they touched down outside Washington Thursday, the rumors touched off. As President-elect Trump and the First Lady-to-be emerged from the military plane to a wall of network news cameras, there was a halfhearted hand hold followed by an icy walk down the staircase. And just like that, the internet got to work.

"What's up with Melania not holding the Donald's hand as they exited the plane?" they tweeted.

"I think that speaks volumes," wrote others.

And the inevitable speculation: "Could there be trouble in paradise?"

The awkwardness only continued at a leadership luncheon when Trump waved a hesitant Melania toward the podium amid some lighthearted laughter.

Between her rare public appearances, her seemingly stoic demeanor, and plans to stay in New York for the first six months of her husband's presidency, many have asked the question "Does Melania really want to be a First Lady?"

But can we really blame Melania for being a little nervous? After all life as she knows it is about to change.

Before the campaign, she and her husband had no experience in politics whatsoever. And already she has been mocked for everything from her accent to her clothing to her early modeling days. As America tries to figure out what kind of first lady it is getting in Melania, the scrutiny will only get worse.