Newborn shares birthday with mom, grandmother

A newborn from New Jersey, his mother and grandmother all share the same birthday.

Micah Lee Dunn was born on Nov. 19 at University Medical Center of Princeton, several weeks before his Christmas due date. His mother, Theresa Dunn, took to Instagram to share the news. Dunn said she and her husband and older son were "thrilled."

Grandmother Clara Gregory said she had a feeling her grandson was going to be born on Nov. 19. 

Dunn, of Lawrence, was admitted to the hospital Thursday night and doctors attempted to induce labor. Dunn said her husband kept saying the baby would be born on her and her mother's birthday.

"I finally came to the realization Saturday night that he could really be born on our birthday," she told .

Dunn said she was previously diagnosed with pre-eclampsia, which causes high blood pressure in pregnant women. She said doctors were hoping to get closer to her expected due date before inducing labor.

Dunn turned 31 on Sunday and her mother celebrated her 67th birthday.

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