Newark students tend to community garden

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It's about learning about to eat healthy, it's about an education in gardening, but even more importantly than that it's about taking pride in ownership in your own community. And it is happening in Newark.

A lot has changed over the years, but Dr. Seuss is still a teaching tool. Students at SEEK Academy have used the story of Lorax as a guide to turn an abandon lot near their school into a community garden.

Lead teacher Uzma Chowdhury and a group of 2nd graders marched out of their classroom and over to their pride and joy, where they plant flowers, vegetables, and tomatoes.

In the process the neighbors have rallied around them. The teachers volunteered their own time. The fire department brings in water. The Newark Conservancy donated the wood and dirt. It's turned into a space where they aren't only learning about science they are learning about themselves.

One seed. One person. Can make a difference. That's what the kids say.