Newark mom kidnapped, robbed of $9K; suspects at large

Newark residents are trying to make sense of a crime that left a mom and her kids scarred for life. 

That customer was using the same bank, Santander, where more than a week ago, a woman was the victim of an unthinkable crime. 

The victim didn’t want to be identified but spoke in Spanish saying, "On Monday the third of July I was a victim of what you can say was a robbery and kidnapping."

The same day police released images of the suspects, the woman tells us an older guy with a blue shirt came into her store begging her to help him play the lottery. 

She tells FOX 5 that the first suspect quickly pulled a lottery ticket from a blue envelope and pressed it against her face. 


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She believes there was some type of substance on the ticket that made her feel dumbfounded and compliant to his demands from that point on. 

Then, the second suspect came in saying ‘Let’s help them cash this ticket.’ And she fell for it. 

"I walked, and they made me go into a blue minivan. They took me. They forced me to give them my money. We went to the bank, and they made me withdraw absolutely everything. All of my money," she recalled. 

Police confirm she took out $9,000 from her account and gave it to the robbers. 

She says the crime is forcing their family to hold themselves together, quite literally. 


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"Personally, I’m seeing a psychologist because I can’t be at peace.," she expressed.

The absence of an arrest more than a week later forces her teenage son to muster up all the courage he can to protect his mother and sister who worry it could all happen again. 

"When she goes outside I’ll go with her, so she doesn’t leave the street alone," the teen shared.

With police still on the search for the suspects, more than anything, the family is hoping for 2 arrests in the case.

Anyone with information should contact Newark PD detectives.