Newark cargo ship fire: Investigators searching for answers

Coast Guard and Port Authority officials gave an update on last week's fire on board the Italian cargo ship Grande Costa D'Avorio.

The fire is out and investigators are looking for the cause.

Newark's firefighters Augusto Acabou and Wayne Brooks Jr were killed battling the blaze.

On Tuesday, the Newark Firefighters Union held a news conference saying the Newark Fire Department is using equipment that's improperly maintained.

Michael Giunta, Pres. of the Newark Firefighters Union says, "for instance, our large capacity fire boat wouldn't start the day of the fire. We have rigs older than the firefighters driving them."

Additionally, union officials say they've voiced concerns to city and state officials about being severely short-staffed and improper training but have seen little if any action in return.

Giunta says "I have 80 vacancies right now and even with the 80 vacancies I'm still not up to standard."

The Coast Guard says the ship was carrying 1200 vehicles when the fire started. 

Officials were asked if the presence of lithium-ion batteries used in ELECTRIC vehicles played any role. 

Meanwhile, Newark Mayor Ras Baraka's office issued this response to the Firefighters Union claims, "I find accusations of intentional understaffing and insufficient training of our public safety personnel very hurtful, and a personal affront to everything my administration and I stand for. I find the timing very questionable. I welcome all dialog that will clear up groundless misperceptions and advance the brave men and women who put their lives on the line every day for the city they love."


Fire that killed 2 Newark firefighters on cargo ship is out

Augusto "Augie" Acabou and Wayne "Bear" Brooks Jr. were killed in the blaze.