Newark businesses blame immigration crack down for lost customers

The Ironbound section of Newark is diverse:  mostly Portuguese and Brazilians, many of whom are immigrants. The businesses rely on immigrant customers and say since January  business has declined.  People blame President Trump's immigration policies.

"This is scaring them. They are interpreting this as not opening their door leaving your house I have clients not sending their kids to school and not leaving their apartment and it's a serious concern for small businesses in Newark," immigration attorney Anibal Romero says.

Roberto Lima, editor of Newark's Brazilian Voice newspaper has been writing about the issue.

"People are afraid of being stopped by police or ICE they're not going out. Not cutting their hair, not going to restaurants even going to the supermarket is even really tough," Lima says.

It's a huge concern for businesses feeling the pinch. Alessandra's Beauty Salon is usually packed but it hasn't been for weeks.

"My business is down almost 50 percent," Lima says.

She's not the only one with empty chairs.  It is a similar situation over at Delicias de Mina.

"Businesses dropped like 30-40 percent some even 50 percent. People say they can't spend money because they may need the money for lawyers or to leave," owner Wendel Correa says.

Business owners say the main reason people aren't leaving their homes is because they don't want to spend money. Saying they need to be prepared financially in case they get deported.