New York Water Taxi ferry hits debris

A New York Water Taxi ferry packed full of tourists collided with a piece of wood Monday evening, witnesses said. The impact sent passengers flying, injuring a dozen people, some of whom had to be hospitalized.

FDNY Deputy Chief Cheryl Middleton said several passengers suffered injuries from falling, including bumps and bruises but nothing too serious. Those who weren't hospitalized slowly wobbled off on their own.

The ferry had left Brooklyn and was en route to the Statue of Liberty for what would have been a picturesque sunset.

After the collision, the ferry was brought into the South Street Seaport pier where matters got uglier. Passengers who wanted a refund said they were being ignored. One woman banged on the door demanding to be heard. She told Fox 5 that New York Water Taxi employees slammed the door on her and refused to give any answers.

The U.S. Coast Guard is investigating.

This was the second incident for the company in less than a year. Last July, 30 passengers were injured when a New York Water Taxi made a hard landing on Manhattan's West Side.