New York unveils new cricket stadium ahead of T20 World Cup

On Thursday, officials unveiled renderings of the 34,000-seat temporary facility. 

According to the International Cricket Council (ICC) the sport is the third most watched in the world with 1.2 billion viewers expected to tune in.

"We will be building probably the finest cricket facility as far as the field and for those of you who know the game, the pitch," said Don Lockerbie the Development Director for the T20 Cricket World Cup. 

This is the first time the primarily international sport will hold its premier competition in the U.S. Matches will be played in Florida and Texas. Eight will take place right here in Nassau County.

"This will be the first temporary cricket stadium in the world," Lockerbie said. "Populous is a world class architect. You’d know them for doing Yankee Stadium and Citi Field." 

The stadium that’s privately funded by the ICC, will be larger than any existing facility in the UK where the game originally began.

The Nassau Coliseum parking lot holds well over 5,000 cars. The plan is for people to park and take a bus to the stadium. Nearby restaurants expect a boost in business.

"Figure 35,000 per night if they fill it up that's 200-300k people coming into the area, spending money in the community," said Borelli’s restaurant owner Frank Borelli. 

Tickets are expected to go on sale later this month. Prices haven’t been made public. Information will be available on the Nassau County website.

"Our hotels will be full," said Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman. "Our restaurants will be full. We want people to go shopping."

While the plan is to break down the stadium by the end of July, the ICC will leave cricket pitches and nets as a lasting legacy on Long Island.