New York U.S. attorney's new personal Twitter account

NEW YORK (AP) — Manhattan's federal prosecutor is getting personal in his new Twitter account.

U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara launched his new social media feed last week by adding "USAtty" before his name in his previous handle to conform with new Justice Department policy.

On his work Twitter site, he gave a shout out to roughly 260,000 followers, urging them to follow his personal account: @PreetBharara. By late Tuesday afternoon, nearly 7,000 people had. In his profile, the India-born prosecutor described himself as "Patriotic American & proud immigrant. Movie buff. @Springsteen fan."

The prosecutor is known as tough on insider trading and public corruption, and he mixed humor with serious subjects in his first dozen tweets. His first retweet was of a follower who suggested all his tweets be commentary about Bruce Springsteen's set lists.