New York surpasses 90,000 coronavirus cases; 2,373 dead

NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Thursday that the State of New York surpassed 90,000 coronavirus cases.

Speaking from Albany during his daily coronavirus update, the governor said the number of confirmed cases stood at 92,381 with 8,669 newly reported cases. The number of confirmed deaths was 2,373 up from 1,941 reported a day earlier.

"The trend line is still basically up for total new hospitalizations," said Cuomo. "The trend line of ICU admissions is still up. Number of intubations is still up, but if you want to take an optimistic view you could see a plateauing of intubations but the statisticians tell me that's an optimistic view."

Different models used to analyze the pandemic place the apex of the crisis anywhere from seven days to 30 days, depending on social distancing.

The need for 70,000 to 110,000 beds in New York continues to be the same at the apex.

To help meet that projected need, Cuomo annouced that temporary hospitals would open next week at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal in Red Hook and at the South Beach Psych Center on Staten Island.

Ventilators continue to be a necessity with about six days' worth of the breathing machines available in the state's stockpile.

The state has begun to purchase converted BiPAP machines that can be used as ventilators to meet the need.

Cuomo also called on companies to manufacture personal protective equipment to help healthcare workers on the frontlines remain safe.

"We will purchase it... it is a business opportunity... we'll finance what you need in terms of transitioning," said Cuomo.