New York State Police responds to 1,000-plus crashes during Polar Vortex

The deep freeze, snowstorms, and powerful winds during last week's Polar Vortex kept the New York State Police dangerously busy as those weather conditions caused hundreds of accidents.

State troopers responded to 1,096 motor-vehicle crashes, authorities said. Troopers issued 601 tickets to trucks and other commercial vehicles that violated the travel on the New York Thruway.

State Police said 81 of those crashes resulted in injuries and three people died.

On Jan. 30, 19 trucks and cars—including a police cruiser—were involved in a massive crash on I-90 in Batavia during snowfall and low visibility. The state trooper at the wheel of that cruiser was hurt and was treated at a hospital. The mess shut down the Thruway for several hours.

State troopers responded to 1,528 disabled or abandoned vehicles during the storms, authorities said.