New York ranked as second-worst state for retirement

According to a new study, New York is the second-worst state to retire in the United States.

The study by looked at several factors important to retirees like affordability, crime, culture, weather and wellness, ranking New York as the 49th-worst place to retire, behind only Maryland. 

According to the study, while New York ranked well when taking crime and culture into consideration, it scored poorly on measures like weather and wellness and finished dead last in affordability.

New Jersey didn't fare much better in the study.  It was ranked the 42nd-worst place to retire, with affordability being the most significant issue there as well.

"Where to live is probably one of the most personal decisions one can make because it's not just about preferences, it's also about the financial considerations that are associated with it," said Mark Hamrick, senior economic analyst at 

Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, South Dakota, and Florida were ranked as the top 5 places to retire.