New York is experiencing a barbecue revolution

You might not automatically equate NYC with BBQ. But the finger-licking staple continues to grow and impress food-lovers.

"Everything about barbeque makes people excited," said Lawrence Weibman of NYC Food Guy. He is clearly enjoying the barbecue boom that is happening in New York City.

Pitmaster Matthew Katakis brings fun to the menu at Butcher Bar in Astoria, Queens. Look no further than Meat Candy, a platter of double-smoked beef burned ends.

Katakis said barbeque is comfort food. He said it is spreading because it is associated with comfort and love.

Weibman said that barbecue in New York is more than a trend -- it is a revolution.

Executive Chef Matt Abdoo has made barbecue a gourmet experience at Pig Bleecker in the West Village. From grilled pork chop with peach habanero jam to brisket ravioli with black truffle butter, the menu serves up a twist on our favorite comfort foods.

Weibman praised Pig Bleecker for creating something completely new with the flavors of barbecue that people know and love. He called the cuisine the "stuff that dreams are made of."