New York early voting underway: What to know

Things are heating up literally, and politically, in the state of New York. 

Early voting for primaries started Saturday and will go through June 23. 

This Saturday is the last day to register to vote and is considered to be "Golden Day," the only day out of the voting period where residents can register and vote at the same time. 

New York has closed primaries, which means that only registered party voters will be able to choose candidates to represent them in the November general election. 


Jamaal Bowman vs George Latimer election preview: What to know

Congressional races in New York have played a critical role in determining who controls the House. Recent polls show Latimer ahead of Bowman, just days before primary day.

New York voting

New Yorkers will be voting for candidates in the following positions:

  • House of Representatives
  • State Senate
  • Assembly
  • Civil Court judges
  • State Committee, District leaders

Register here to vote. 

When to vote in New York 

Find your borough's Board of Elections office here. 

  • Election Day is Tuesday, June 25. Polls are open from 6am to 9pm.
  • Early Voting is from June 15 to  June 23.

Election preview


NY Rep. Jamaal Bowman faces tough challenge in competitive House primary

Bowman, a former middle school principal seeking his third term, has been one of the House’s most critical voices on Israel. While he condemned Hamas’ attack, he has said Israel is committing genocide in Gaza. He was also among a few members of Congress who opposed a symbolic resolution to support Israel following the Oct. 7 attack because it didn’t urge a cease-fire or push to protect Palestinian civilians.

Two-term incumbent Rep. Jamaal Bowman and fellow Democrat George Latimer, the current Westchester County Executive, are running to represent the 16th district of New York. 

Recent polls show Latimer ahead of Bowman, just days before primary day.

New York's 16th Congressional district

The results will essentially set the framework for the party's message in November and show how the most crucial suburban districts might vote in the fall.

Both candidates say they'll be on the road every day leading up to primary day to ensure voters get to the polls. 

Most recently, the two have gone head-to-head on issues over the Israel-Hamas war, tax records, and gun violence.