New York crews help Puerto Rico recover

Seven weeks after Hurricane Maria decimated Puerto Rico, a plan to get residents back on the grid comes by way of New York. On Friday, 46 Con Edison workers left for the island and another 65 workers joined them over the weekend. Dozens of utility and bucket trucks are en route, too.

The need comes at the most crucial time. Just 18 percent of the island had power on Thursday after a failure on a main transmission line, which was initially repaired by Whitefish Energy.

Whitefish landed a massive $300 million contract without having any prior experience assisting in major disaster efforts. Whitefish has since been fired and is now under FBI investigation.

These crews from New York are in it for the long haul. They won't return home until after Thanksgiving.

As this resource team deployed last week, another returned home. A team of emergency care workers from Jamaica Hospital spent two weeks on the island. In some cases, they helped residents regain a sense of normalcy. In others, their presence was a matter of life and death.