New York City's statistically best restaurants

New York has no shortage of critics rating the best restaurants in New York City. A list compiles all those grades and ranks the 50 best.

"We thought: Why not have it all in one place and create a method where we can maybe not trust one singular person's opinion but a lot of really trustworthy, knowledgeable smart people about where to eat dinner," Gothamist food editor Nell Casey says.

Three years ago, Casey teamed with self-described data visualization developer Steven Melendez to create a scoring system for New York City's restaurants that would allow Gothamist to combine reviews from Michelin, Eater, Zagat, The New York Times, New York Magazine, and those letter grades from the Health Department to determine the 50 statistically best restaurants.

Gothamist published an updated version of those rankings on Thursday.

"Fine dining and tasting menus in particular are always going to be coming out on the top," Casey says.

At No. 13 on Gothamist's list is Roberta's tasting menu restaurant Blanca with its two Michelin stars, represents one of only four restaurants in the top-50 outside Manhattan. All four of those land in Brooklyn.

"This year we had several newcomers on the list, people and restaurants that had not been open for maybe more than a year in some cases and yet these restaurants and these openings were so notable they made a huge impact in our dining scene and we can see that reflected in that ranking," Casey says.

Jean-Georges moved up from No. 4 in 2014 to unseat Le Bernadin at No. 1.

"After Pete Wells wrote the review about Per Se last year, we saw that restaurant fall from No. 3 down into the 30s," Casey says.

See the full list here.