New York City Veterans Day Parade draws thousands

Thousands came to watch the 97th annual Veterans Day Parade in New York. This time all 3 grand marshals selected served in the military and also worked down at ground zero on 9/11.

Parades in New York City can draw spectators from all over the world, but for this Veterans Day Parade we noticed a common thread: every spectator we talked to was from the five boroughs.

They lined up and down 5th Avenue to cheer tens of thousands of participants in the largest celebration of service in the country. Many faces, that of young New Yorkers, were there to learn an American trait we might have missed this week.

If you look at the faces of those serving our country, neither gender nor religion nor race play a role in their march to support our nation.

For the example they set, a recognition that soldiers, like police, usually aren't allowed to speak with the media, appearing as an institution and not individuals. On Veterans Day, they receive gratitude as individuals.

Parade organizers say 40,000 participate in this parade. While it may come close to outnumbering those who come out as spectators, it certainly doesn't dampen anyone's spirit on this occasion.