New York Blood Center declares first blood emergency of 2023

Blood supply is creating a dire situation at the New York Blood Center, who have now declared their first blood emergency of 2023.

According to the non-profit, the center and its divisions across the nation received 6,000 fewer blood donations last month than the previous year. Blood donations are also 2% below hospital and patient needs.  

"Each winter, we struggle to get folks to donate blood and this year is no exception," said Andrea Cefarelli, senior vice president at the center.

The New York Blood Center has declared its first blood emergency of 2023.

The emergency is due to several evolving factors, including school breaks, recent poor weather and cold and flu season, the center said.

"We need more New Yorkers to make blood donations, host blood drives and spread the word about the need for donations," Cefarelli said.

The number of blood donations are apparently still not back to pre-pandemic levels, and compounding the problem is a continued lag in first-time and youth donors, which remain about half of pre-pandemic levels. 

"Last year, we expanded our reach with a new donor center, and we recently announced new donor guidelines from the FDA; we are expanding in every way we can in order to reach new donors," Cefarelli said. "This March, make a blood donation and tell a friend!"

The New York Blood Center has declared its first blood emergency of 2023.

The center says platelet donors are also urgently needed. With a shelf life of just seven days, they said they rely on dedicated platelet donors to help patients undergoing chemotherapy, those with bleeding disorders, new mothers and more. 

Click HERE to schedule an appointment to donate. You can also call (800)-933-2566.