New York and America after Pope Francis

It was a historic visit: six days, three major cities, and more than 20 addresses. Pope Francis spoke at congress, the United Nations, independence mall, the 9/11 Memorial and Museum. He celebrated masses, spoke to children and immigrant families at Our Lady Queen of Angels in East Harlem, met with inmates in a Philadelphia prison and spoke to sexual abuse victims.

His visit may have been quick, but the impact will be long-lasting. Father Jean-Pierre Ruiz calls it the Francis effect. Father Ruiz says the pope thinks of himself as a servant of god, not as a rock star.

But for David Aminov, who isn't catholic, he actually sees him as a celebrity. He says Francis is a bit of a rock start to a lot of people, who have a different reaction to him than the last pope.

Days have gone by since the pope left our city yet he is still the topic of conversation. Hundreds of thousands of people of all different backgrounds came out to get a glimpse of his holiness. Father Ruiz says his power to build bridges is something that won't be forgotten.

The New Yorkers I spoke to are still feeling the after effect of his holiness. Pope Francis left us a lot of memorable moments. From taking selfies with the children, blessing and kissing the sick and even asking the people to pray for him.