New 'Twilight' book changes genders

Edward has been turned into Edythe. Jacob is Julie and Bella is Beau in the new book, 'Life & Death: Twilight Reimagined.' Author Stephanie Meyer told 'Good Morning America' on Tuesday that she wanted to "do something fun for the 10th anniversary" of the wildly popular book and movie series, 'Twilight.'

The story centers around a love triangle involving Bella Swan played by Kristen Stewart who moves to gloomy Washington state, Edward Cullen played by Robert Pattinson and Jacob Black played by Taylor Lautner

Bella and Edward, a vampire, enter into a dangerous romance. Jacob competes with Edward for Bella's love. 

"What if we switched it around a bit and see how a boy does, and, you know, it’s about the same,” Meyer said on GMA.

'Twilight' became a worldwide phenomenon and shot the main characters into superstardom.

"I wonder if it will change how people look at Bella, a little bit, to see her as him. But I really do feel it is very much the same thing," said Meyer.

'Life & Death: Twilight Reimagined' was released Tuesday.