New store blends retail and entertainment

CAMP, a new store in Manhattan's Flatiron District is blurring the lines between retail and experience.

Ben Kaufman, CEO & co-founder of CAMP says they thought it would be amazing to build a store that was great for people to experience as a family.

CAMP has gifts, toys, apparel, and all sorts of things to both buy and do within four walls.

The Canteen upfront has old school treasures, popular new brands, and toys designed to inspire the next generation.

Ben's wife, Nikki Kaufman, co-founder and Chief People Officer at CAMP says the drawers here are intentionally open so kids can reach in and play with all the stuff inside.

They’ve also placed as much product as possible at kids' eye level.  There are even s'mores ice cream sundaes by Milk Bar.

But the real magic happens behind CAMP’s secret door, where visitors step out of New York City and back into summer camp.

There's a musical dock controlled by your feet that creates music and ripples in a virtual lake as you walk.

There's a "campitheater" where they'll have all sorts of events and programming for children of all ages.

Ben says they wanted it to be a camp for everybody, so there's a radio lab for self-proclaimed nerds like himself.

There's also a sports field, a dance hall, arts and crafts, real bunks and edible liquid bubbles.

The theme here at CAMP will rotate regularly.  Ben says everything behind the magic door will change every 8 to 12 weeks.  Right now the theme is base camp, which is a nostalgic New England summer camp.  But in March they'll swap it over.

Camp is located at 110 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan (on the corner of 16th Street and 5th Ave), opening December 15th.  Holiday Hours are 8am to 10pm.