New 'oddly shaped' IKEA sculpture causing controversy

A new sculpture outside of the Burbank IKEA store is raising some eyebrows.

Because of its ...suggestive shape.

Some people we talked to said it looked like a crooked bowling pin...
Or a flower vase..
Or maybe a squash? 
But from certain angles some say it looks phallic.
So what is it?

 Some took to social media to share their thoughts

Melissa Howland tweets, 'Just in time for the holiday season...IKEA's new Kurving Wang Collection.' 

Autumn Sky tweets, 'ICYMI I'm sure you heard but IKEA has this odd statue that was recently erected in front of their store.'

 And why is it outside IKEA ?
The store says it commissioned the artwork, but won't give any details until next week's official unveiling.

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