New York unveils 14 new custom regional license plates

The DMV has unveiled 14 new license plate designs showing off different regions of New York.

"Every region of our state has something unique and interesting about it, and we are happy to celebrate that uniqueness by making these new license plates available for New York drivers," said commissioner and chair of the Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee, Mark J.F. Schroeder.

In total, there are over 200 custom license plates available. Plates for the remaining regions will be unveiled throughout this month.

What do the new license plates look like?

Instead of having the current white plate with Niagara Falls on one end, and Lady Liberty with the Lower Manhattan skyline on the other, you can now get hyper local:

  • This plate has the Lower Manhattan skyline and Lady Liberty in the foreground.
  • This plate highlights Queens, nicknamed ‘The World’s Borough.' It pays tribute to the 1964 World's Fair.
  • This Long Island plate spotlights the Montauk Point Lighthouse.
  • This Hudson Valley plate showcases the Hudson River cutting through the region.
  • This plate displays roses, the state flower of New York.

How much do the new license plates cost?

  • The custom places will initially cost $60.
  • Personalized custom plates will cost $91.25
  • The annual renewal cost is $31.25, on top of the registration fee.

Custom plates may be ordered on the DMV website, or by calling the Custom Plates office at (518) 402-4838.