New mini golf course in Brooklyn

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A new golf game is in town! Welcome to Shipwrecked, an 18-hole indoor mini golf course in Brooklyn. Based in a warehouse in Red Hook, golfers are taken through a theatrical adventure. Ryan Powers is one of the co-owners. He says they wanted to find a way to mix theater and miniature golf.

Shipwrecked has a theme park atmosphere with a variety of scenes tied together through a story. It is a new experience for folks, and the kids love it.

Some of the holes have a New York City theme. At the 18th hole, you'll take the subway right into Brooklyn.

Eighty percent of the materials used here are recycled. Ryan said they took recycled film sets and modified them to fit the themes. The submarine is made with props from the movie "The Bourne Identity."

The facility has a snack bar and room for birthday parties. Video arcade machines play 50 of the classic games like Frogger and Pac-Man.

Golf rounds are $10 for kids and $14 for adults.

It sounds like being shipwrecked is a hole in one.