New laws take effect in 2019

People living and working in New York and New Jersey will face a whole host of new laws in 2019.

New York City and New Jersey are making it easier for transgender residents to change their birth certificate. The new law allows people to amend their gender based on how they identify themselves. Parents of newborns will also be able to choose 'X" for their child's gender.

Public buildings across the five boroughs are now required to have diaper changing stations for all genders.

New York City employers must also have a lactation room for breastfeeding employees. It must be sanitary, and no, it cannot be the bathroom.

New Jersey is taking on gun violence this year. State courts can now issue a protective order when someone poses a “significant risk of personal injury” to themselves or others making it easier to take a gun away from a dangerous person.

Smoking cigarettes will be more difficult starting this year, too.

New Jersey has outlawed smoking in the state’s public beaches and parks.

New York City no longer allows pharmacies to sell any tobacco products.

Styrofoam of any kind is now a thing of New York City's past. Food-service businesses and stores cannot offer, sell, or own the not-so-eco-friendly product.

Workplaces in New York City with 11 employees or more must now pay $15 an hour.

$13.50 at businesses with 10 employees or less.

$12.75 for fast-food workers.

$12 on Long Island.

$11 in Westchester and $10 for the rest of New York State.