New law would require unregulated day camps to disclose status

A new law passed by the New York state Senate and Assembly would require unregulated day camps to inform parents that they are not regulated by the state.

State regulated day camps must follow many strictly rules and regulations, but unregulated day camps and clinics do not because those camps provide just a single activity instead of several. 

“Right now in New York State, parents believe they’re sending their kids to a camp that’s regulated, protected and has these regulations in place, but that’s not true,” said state Senator David Carlucci. 

Non regulated camps do not have to meet the same health and safety standards, are not required to check to see if employees are on the sex offender registry, are not required to report the injuries/illnesses of campers and are not required to keep up-to-date vaccination records.

“We’re not telling them they shouldn’t go to these clinics,” said Assemblyman Tom Abinanti. “We’re just saying ‘buyer beware.’”