New Jersey gym is inclusive to gym goers of all fitness levels

Body Sculptors in Rutherford, New Jersey is offering gym goers of all fitness levels a chance to de-stress and get fit.

The concept for the gym came to be after its owner, Ken Hopson, battled cancer.

"Twelve years ago, I was diagnosed with stomach cancer," said Hopson. "So after that, going through the recovery, I was told by my doctor that you should start working out."

After dropping from 180 to 150 lbs., Hopson took the doctor’s orders and went to the gym where he at first felt timid, but continued exercising.

"I also said to myself, if someone was in the same situation, and they didn’t feel that strong about themselves, they would turn around and walk out." Hopson said. "I said that’s not fair. Especially for someone recovering form a sickness, or even if they want to get healthy. So I always said, ‘If I ever own a gym, I would make sure no one ever felt that way.’"