New exhibit gives NYBG a taste of Brazil

The New York Botanical Garden has opened its summer exhibit, highlighting the work of artist and landscape architect Roberto Burle Max. Born in Brazil in 1909, Burle Marx’s work can be seen on the world-famous Copacabana beach promenade in Rio de Janiero.

“He’s known for creating beautiful landscapes that include broad sweeps of colorful foliage plants, tropical plants, including many Brazilian native plants,” said Joanna Groarke, Curator of Library Exhibitions at the New York Botanical Garden. “And for bringing together multi-colored pavement and water features that are meant to delight all of the sense.”

A curated gallery of 14 pieces of Burle Marx artwork and music inspired by his life and work are also included in the exhibition. 

The exhibit runs through September 29 and there are a variety of activities associated with it. You can find more information by visiting the botanical garden’s website,