New director at Houdini Museum

Rajon Lynch, A.K.A RJ the Magician, is the new director of the Houdini Museum of New York at Fantasma Magic. 

The 23-year-old moved to New York a month ago.

"I'm trying to get fresh faces in here, some fresh magicians, that are in the community. Get talent in here like people from America’s Got Talent," Lynch says.

Lynch is the youngest director ever employed at the museum which is now located on West 35th Street in Midtown Manhattan.

He is well versed in the history of Harry Houdini, he even says they have a lot in common.

"When I started getting into magic all my gigs were in Appleton at the Houdini Plaza, Houdini’s restaurant was my first magic show and then I got to work at the Houdini Museum and I started to see the connections between me and Houdini and I found out he moved to New York," Lynch says.

Some of Houdini’s personal items are inside the museum, from his handcuffs to robots, to a famous casket he escaped from. 

On October 11th Eric Jones, who was on America's Got Talent, will be performing at the museum. Tickets are $45 and $65 for VIP tickets.