Neighbors adjust to the 'new normal' as Gilgo Beach murders investigation continues

Neighbors are getting used to what they call the new normal. Investigators are back for a fifth day to go through Rex Heuermann’s home. The married father of two was arrested and charged last week - tied to at least three of the Gilgo Beach murders - possibly a fourth.

"I can’t believe it’s someone who walks amongst us," said one woman. "He’s at the supermarket, on the train."

On Tuesday officials carefully carried out evidence including mirrors, glass as well as a poster.


Gilgo Beach murders: New York State Police, FBI impound evidence from South Carolina

A Chevy Avalanche connected to suspected Long Island serial killer Rex Heuermann was covered in a tarp and strapped to the back of a NYSP tow truck that rolled into the impound lot of the Chester County Sheriff's Office.

Just a few miles east in Amityville, police draped tarp over tents to conceal their findings at a second storage locker linked to the architect.

Police commissioner Rodney Harrison is unsure of how long it’ll take to find out how many victims he killed.

The Chester County Sheriff’s Office in South Carolina confirmed their assistance in the investigation. Police have said Heuermann has ties there as well as Las Vegas. Meanwhile, back on Long Island a steady stream of people from all over have been stopping by.

Mayor Danny Pearl with the Village of Massapequa Park hopes to bring a sense of normalcy back and rid the neighborhood of the memory sooner than later.

"This isn’t something Massapequa Park wants to be known for, and we want to do everything we can to make sure the residents are comfortable especially those who live in the vicinity," he said.

In a statement Heuermann’s attorney insists he did not commit these crimes and there’s nothing that suggests he’s involved in these incidents. 

He’s due back in court on August 1. 

Attempts to reach his family have been unsuccessful.


Gilgo Beach murders: Suffolk County DA details Rex Heuermann’s arrest

Suffolk County District Attorney Raymond Tierney joined Good Day New York with details about the special task force and investigation that led to the arrest of Heuermann.