Neighborhood officer to be promoted to detective

Louise Sanfilippo spent the past 16-plus years of her life devoted to the people she protects. Sanfilippo is a community police officer, which means she stays within a specific neighborhood, building relationships to drive down crime. The position fits her well.

sanfilippo and her partner, Tamar Uster, cover the great kills section of staten island—an area with its fair share of crime. Sanfilippo says at the end of the day she hopes they have helped people and left them in a better place than when they found them.

Deputy Inspector Ebony Washington, the commanding officer of the 122nd Precinct, says that Sanfilippo is hard-working and has built relationships in the community.

Becoming a Detective isn't something you apply for or something you take an exam to be. You're selected and recognized by your higher-ups for the work you do. That is exactly what happened with Officer Sanfilippo—or as everyone else calls her, Louise.

She is responsible for saving 13 lives in a year and a half using Narcan, a drug to revive those who overdose on opioids.

Sanfilippo is humbled by the promotion and calls it an honor. She also said she will continue doing the same work in the same community. So it makes sense why Officer Sanfilippo will become a detective—because her badge is just an extension of her heart.