Neglected by last home, horse reunites with original owners

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A neglected horse got a second chance at a happy life with its first owners.

Michelle Postma and her husband met when they were 12. Her would-be in-laws bought Ballo the horse, which the family bonded with instantly. Postma says the family was forced to sell the horse when she and her husband went off to college.

Ballo, a Paso Fino stallion, ended up shuffled between several homes. In his latest, he experienced severe neglect.

Just weeks ago, Ballo's owner surrendered him to a rescue.  The rescue, Fallen Oak Equine Rescue, found a photo in with Ballo's registration papers. It was Postma's husband riding the horse. They posted the picture on Facebook, someone recognized Postma and Ballo and tagged the couple.

"Once you saw his face I knew that it was definitely him," said Postma.

Immediately, they made plans to reunite with Ballo. Thursday the couple brought Ballo home.

Postma says in a way she's grateful the neglect brought Ballo back into her life.

"I'm almost grateful because I may have never gotten him back. Things work out in mysterious ways. We're just happy to have him back," said Postma.

Though emaciated and anemic, Postma says Ballo does not have any major health problems. He will live the rest of his life at the couple's Pasco County barn.