Nancy Reagan's early childhood home in Queens

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Anne Frances Robbins, otherwise known as Nancy Reagan, was born in Washington Heights and went on to spend the first two years of her life in Queens.

The former First Lady who died Sunday, grew up in a three-story wooden house at 149-40 Roosevelt Ave.

The working class neighborhood of Flushing was Reagan's home before she was sent to live with relatives in Maryland.

Her father, Kenneth Seymour Robbins, was a car dealer who would eventually leave the family.

Regan's mother, Edith Luckett, was an actress who remarried a doctor and moved to Chicago.

Nancy (which was her nickname) would go on to meet the future president of the United States, her husband, Ronald Reagan during  his acting days in Hollywood.

While the home in Queens is missing some of its siding today, Reagan went on to live in the White House and died at her magnificent home in Bel Air, California, a far cry from the 115-year-old house in Flushing.

Reagan was 94 years old.