Mystery graffiti bandit paints pizzas outside Westchester restaurants

A pizza graffiti bandit in Westchester County has been spray-painting slices of pizza outside several Italian restaurants. 

As nice as the art is, some of the owners of the affected restaurants say they're feeling a little bit crusty by the graffiti.

"It's probably going to come off," said Hugo Campos, manager at Villagio Ristorante & Pizzeria. "Even though we appreciate the artist… maybe he should've asked first."

Another Villagio Pizzeria in Tuckahoe got the same spray-painted slice. The graffiti was reported to the local police department.

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The unknown pizza graffiti artist has struck at least 7 pizza parlors in Westchester County over the past month. The anonymous art looks like a pizza supreme slice and each slice is marked with a clue, a letter making reference to the store.

At Cosimo and Johnny's Pizza Shop in Eastchester, Owner Louisa Hughes said that while they didn't mind the logo, they decided to take it down a few weeks ago.

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"It was pretty, it was very nicely done. But we were like, it's not our taste," said Hughes.

The Eastchester Police Department says that whoever is doing the art could face a criminal mischief charge, but any sentence would be up to a judge.

The majority of pizza owners who spoke to FOX 5 NY said that they're not calling the police, and would like to hire the artist to paint their new logos.