Mystery artist 'Snoeman' decorating storefronts in NYC

"We’re so grateful because he’s doing a great job," bodega owner Ali said. 

Vendors and store owners in Washington Heights say the New York City artist, known as ‘Snoeman’, has been sprucing up their storefronts since the pandemic and for no charge. 

"Everybody loves it. Everybody says ‘oh it’s nice, you did a good job. We love it. We like it," Ali said. Ali has run his corner store for more than a decade and says the vibrant colors just adds a little life to the block.

Stroll down Amsterdam Avenue and you can spot ‘Snoeman’s’ work on walls, doors, or spicing up the empanada street carts.

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‘Snoeman’ utilizes all the space he can, with lively colors and motivating messages, his signature.

Although he doesn’t want to show his face, ‘Snoeman’ doesn’t keep a low profile in the neighborhood. Everyone around here now knows, and loves his work.

"Snoeman’s work is needed. It’s important to show the diversity. Different things happening in the neighborhood, you know? I think it livens it up. It changes the spirit as well. It’s not just about art, but what it makes a person feel," a local neighbor tells FOX 5.

The artist tells us he’s planning on painting more murals, across all the boroughs.