Mystery animal sightings in New Jersey

The question in Ewing Township, NJ  – what is this thing?

Photos of a scrawny dog-like creature were sent to a local radio station and have people wondering – is it a hairless dog? A fox? A coyote in distress?

Ewing Township animal control officer Richard Moore said he has received several calls about the animal.

While Moore had not seen the pictures himself, he said there are foxes in the area with mange – a skin disease foxes get from sleeping in ground hog dens. It poses no threat to humans.

It turns out a mechanic in a Ewing service station is actually the town's former animal control officer.  He declared definitively, “It's a fox.”

He said foxes typically shed their fur this time of year, and he doesn't think it has have mange.  So, the township continues to look out for sightings of the animal.