‘My Brother Vinny’ helps Westchester vets who need it most

Veterans all across the nation sometimes find themselves falling on hard times after serving their country, with some 40,000 homeless veterans spread out across the nation. 

In Westchester County, those veterans are getting help back on their feet from “My Brother Vinny,” a nonprofit organization that provides food and clothing to veterans, outreach groups, shelters and families in the county. 

“We provide them with a full home, whether it’s a bed, a dresser, bedding. Every single thing is donated,” said Paula Miritello, the founder of My Brother Vinny.

Miritello has been helping veterans for the last few years through the organization, which she started in memory of her younger brother Vinny, who passed away from cerebral palsy in 2000. After his death, Paula made it her mission to keep his name alive by helping the men and women who need it most.

“I always say when people say they have their ‘side gig,’ this is my soul gig,” Miritello said.

So far, the organization has delivered countless pieces of furniture and houseware to over 900 veterans.