Murder in New Milford: Ricky Birch maintains his innocence | The Tape Room

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In 1985, Everett Carr, 65, was murdered inside his home in New Milford, Connecticut. Someone stabbed him 27 times, slit his throat, and bashed in his head. The blood was everywhere.

Police called it a burglary gone bad and zeroed in on Sean Henning, 17, and Ricky Birch, 18, who were eventually convicted of the murder. The testimony of Henry Lee, a forensic expert, helped put them away.

But for three decades, Henning and Birch have maintained their innocence. And now the Connecticut Supreme Court is taking a second look because of new serious questions about that evidence from Lee, who rose to fame during the O.J. Simpson case and became a world-renowned criminologist. Lee, now 80, told FOX 5 that he stands by his testimony.

Birch, incarcerated at the Osborn Correctional Institution, sent a letter to FOX 5 saying that he wanted to tell his side of the story to The Tape Room, a FOX 5 podcast.

Henning served nearly 30 years in prison and was released. But he still wants to clear his name.

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