Having more than two kids could slow your brain function

If you're a parent who has more than 2 kids, and you feel like you're losing your mind, well, you may be on to something.

New research published in the journal Demography found that raising 3 or more children can speed up cognitive decline for some moms and dads.

"If you're working and you have a very stressful job, you're just being pulled in a lot of different directions," says Erika Katz, author of Coach Parenting. "You usually don't sleep as much, you're more stressed."

In addition to less "me-time" more kids also means more money.

Katz recommends making a schedule and include plenty of time for meals without any distractions.

"It's really important that everybody eats well. That they eat three meals a day. That they're sitting at a table without cell phones, without computers, without any devices--sit down as a family and talk--because even that can help brain function," Katz says.

An interactive activity is a great way to bond with your child as well

"If you do a lot of math problems and science problems, it's much harder now than when we were growing up," says Katz. "So a great way to exercise your brain is to help your kids with your homework."

Katz adds, "learn to say no."

She says your child doesn't need to go to every birthday party and should really focus on one extracurricular activity.