Mugshot of attractive prisoner dubbed #PrisonBae goes viral

The mugshot of a woman arrested in Arkansas has gone viral. Social media users have dubbed the attractive 24-year-old 'Prison Bae,' a play on the term 'bae' which is slang for boyfriend or girlfriend.

The Pulaski County Police Department reportedly arrested Sarah Seawright of Little Rock last month after failing to appear in court in connection to a 2014 arrest for careless driving.

Her rap sheet includes a prior arrest for robbery, kidnapping and battery during a 2012 parking lot theft, according to local media outlets.

But her police record isn't stopping people from remarking on her good looks.

"Yo let's get #prisonbae a guest spot on #OITNB Chick is HOT!" wrote @ettest76.

"She can kidnap me any day," wrote @Rude757.

According to the NY Daily News, former NFL star Chad 'Ochocinco' Johnson weighed in on Seawright, too, but less about her looks.

“Today is a day to save money, she's gonna have to sit & think about her mistakes like I did."

The last time a mugshot for an attractive inmate went viral, the man was given a modeling contract.

In 2014, Jeremy Meeks, dubbed 'Hot Convict,' said he  was offered several modeling gigs, some for as much as $100,000 a month.