MTA proposes fare hike at finance committee hearing

The MTA has a large operating budget deficit, made even deeper by the many riders with their own ways to avoid paying the fare. 

A recent MTA survey found it lost $690 million to fair evasion in 2022. Now it wants to charge those of us who do pay even more to ride subways and buses. 

A proposal for a fair hike was put on the table at an MTA finance committee hearing. 

Weekly MetroCards will go up by one dollar to $34. 

There will be public hearings next month over the proposal. 

The increase comes at a time when inflation is already making it. Tough for many to make ends meet. As you'd expect, many riders say it's the last thing they need right now.

Express bus fares would also go up. MTA bridge tolls would increase anywhere from 6% to 10%. 

The MTA board is expected to vote on this in July. 

If approved, the hikes could go into effect by Labor Day.