MTA chops down massive poison ivy patch but a lot more remains

Queens residents itching to walk along a Long Island City sidewalk without catching poison ivy can now do so; the threat has been removed.

Poison ivy had been bursting through a fence and onto the sidewalk along Jackson Avenue on property owned by the LIRR. The MTA said it would act quickly to remove it. On Thursday, it was gone, much to the relief of those who live and work nearby.

But residents pointed out other locations where the weed is growing. Sure enough, a lot more poison ivy is growing outside an entrance to the Hunters Point train station on the No. 7 train.

To be fair, there is a sign in place to warn passersby of the poison ivy. But the ivy is covering the sign.

MTA Chairman Patrick Foye was asked about the poison ivy removal at a meeting on Thursday morning. He said that the agency would address the community's longstanding concern.