Mountain lion rests outside Utah front door

Imagine looking out your front door and seeing a mountain lion just lounging on your front porch.  That's exactly what happened to a family in Heber, Utah. 

Homeowner Kathy Inman says, "I looked down and I said 'what dog is that laying on my porch', and I tapped on the glass and he or she turned around and I said, 'that ain't no dog'."

It was actually a 75 pound, two year old female mountain lion.

Husband Floyd Inman said, "It didn't do anything it just laid there. We've been in the Park City/Heber area for 30 years and I've never had one that close to me before."

Dozens of neighbors watched as wildlife officers shot the big cat with a tranquilizer dart.  It immediately took off running.  It took an hour for them to find it lying in a vacant lot.

It was kept overnight for observation and then released back into the wild.

Heber City Police say this is the second time this year that a mountain lion has been spotted in a residential area.