Mother cat, kittens found tied together

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(Courtesy: Angels Among Us Pet Rescue / White county Animal Control)

A mother cat and four kittens were found tangled in the brush, but when the Kudzu was brushed away, rescuers realized why the mother cat and her litter were in such trouble. Someone had zip-tied the kittens to the mother cat’ back right leg. One of the kittens was already dead.

White County Animal Control rushed the mother and other three kittens were rushed to a veterinarian on July 14. Sadly, the remaining kittens were too far gone and passed away one-by-one over the next 24 hours.

“This is the sickest thing I've seen done to a cat, and I've seen so much,” said Jill Kaloustian with Angels Among Us Pet Rescue’s Core Cat Team.

Initially, vets believed the mother cat, who they were now calling Aura, would lose her leg, but the swelling went down and it appears she will be fine.

Aura spent the weekend under round-the-clock vet care, receiving fluids and supportive care. She was spayed and vaccinated Monday and then was allowed to go home with her foster mother for much needed rest and recuperate.

Aura will be available for adoption once she is fully recovered. Anyone who wishes to help pay for her medical expenses can donate at

Anyone with information on who is responsible for dumping Aura and her kittens is asked to contact law enforcement in White County.