Most popular NYC baby names in 2016

NEW YORK (AP) - New York City health officials say Olivia and Liam were the most popular baby names in New York City last year.

Liam rose from the number two spot while Ethan, the favorite in 2015, fell to third. Olivia remained the top name after edging out Sophia in 2015, which had been the city's most popular girl's name since 2012.

Health Department officials announced Wednesday that birth certificate records show 710 babies named Liam and 564 babies called Olivia were born in New York City in 2016.

Behind Sophia, Emma and Isabella were third and fourth while Jacob was second for the boys.

The number of overall births decreased 1 percent from 121,673 to 120,367. More boys were born than girls. The most babies were born in Brooklyn: 40,125.