More shoppers opting to buy now, pay later amid rising costs

Buy now, pay later, seems to be more and more popular and not just for big ticket items. 

New data shows shoppers are even racking up debt on household necessities like groceries. 

A recent Lending Tree survey shows 46% of consumers are using a "pay later" option this year and that's up from 43% a year ago. 

"The most common structure is four interest-free payments over six weeks. It does worry me when people are financing thinks like groceries and gas in this manner," Ted Rossman, senior industry analyst with, said. 

Delaying payment can be an expensive form of shopping especially when you add in any extra fees. 

"People are using buy now pay later to bridge the gap between their paychecks to pay for these daily essentials. It's a clear indication people are struggling to make ends meet," said Andrea Woroch, a consumer savings expert. 

"When consumers  start relying on those financing options for those daily essentials it really paints a bad picture of how people are managing their money and maybe what the financial climate is," Woroch added. 

She suggested consumers in debt should start with the basics by making a budget. Figure out how much comes in every month then list your expenses. 

Seeing it on paper can show you where you need to cut back and whenever possible, she suggests using cash over credit.